Don't miss the boat to Scilly Cay

One of the best days on our 10 day Anguillian honeymoon was spent here! Make sure you get your days right because the boat only makes trips to and ..

Fun day, delicious BBQ

Prickly Pear is a great place to visit for the day and only a short boat ride away. We enjoyed the fun tiki-bar and BBQ lunch. Everything is brought ..

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Vous avez la chance de visiter des monuments historiques et culturels de la ville Hanoï et de Ho Chi Minh ville par le agence de voyage vietnam laos cambodge

Barnes Bay

Barnes Bay
Visitors will discover there are plenty of advantages to visiting a beach that's a long way from the nearest major city , like being able to enjoy the scenery without the "scene" and Barnes Bay provides those rewards.
Barnes Bay is a secluded beach located on a remote island. The warm sand is fine and powdery, perfect for a relaxing stroll or an imposing sand castle. This spot is ideal for travelers who want to relax and enjoy a secluded location and beautiful surroundings.

While Anguilla offers beaches that are more secluded than Barnes Bay the combination of natural beauty, personality and other qualities offered by this location could be just right for you.

The beaches found throughout Anguilla are most often quiet beaches , however, Barnes Bay offers something unique . Still, you wouldn't call this spot very metropolitan it isn't those planning to visit with families or groups of friends can enjoy a relaxing stay without sacrificing the chance to meet new people.

Travelers in search of beauty and scenery can find them on the beaches of Anguilla , which helps make them popular vacation spots . And, though many of these tropical spots attract visitors , some are less popular than others . The nature of each beach is different , and you'll find that Barnes Bay may have the perfect personality for you.


You'll find this sunny section of sand on the southwestern coast of Anguilla . A nearby landmark is the La Sirena Hotel, which is 0.2 miles away . Barnes Bay is close to West End , so exploring the town is a convenient option.
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