Don't miss the boat to Scilly Cay

One of the best days on our 10 day Anguillian honeymoon was spent here! Make sure you get your days right because the boat only makes trips to and ..

Fun day, delicious BBQ

Prickly Pear is a great place to visit for the day and only a short boat ride away. We enjoyed the fun tiki-bar and BBQ lunch. Everything is brought ..

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Caves and Holes

Caves and Holes
Anguilla has some interesting caves and holes. The holes were created by gaps in the coral where the softer rock was eventually erroded by rain and the shallow rock on the surface eventually gave way. The underground caverns begin as openings in the rock and wind down into the depths beneath the island. From east to west Anguilla has an interesting selection, some easy to explore. Check out the Cave map in this article to find out where they are located.
Abadam Hole near windward point is such a hole. The coral rock suddenly gives way to a giant hole that has a bottom about 20 ft. down. Since this hole is close to the sea, underground streams feed the hole.
Directions: Take the Windward Point Dr. all the way out to Windward Point. Stop your jeep before the road gets too bad. Walk north towards the sea. The hole comes up suddenly and is located in the bush near the water. Windward Point area is a lovely place for a hike. Drive a jeep, wear hiking boots.

The Fountain near Shoal Bay is an underground cavern with markings left by the first inhabitants of Anguilla. A large fig tree grows through the entrance to the cave which is only accessable through the top. This cave is not open to the public.

Pitch Apple Hole is located in the bush at Brimmigan. A Pitch Apple tree growing at it's entrance gives this hole its name.
Directions: Take the North Side Rd. out of the Valley. This road becomes Brimegan Dr. Follow this road for about a quarter of a mile. It is very hard to describe exactly where this hole is off the road but it is just a short walk from the road in the bush. The hole comes up suddenly and has a Pitch Apple tree growing out of it. Only about a mile from the Valley.

Iguana Cave is located at the beginning of the Katouche Trail. It is a simple cave cut into the rock with two rooms. A large Fig tree grows through an opening in the cave. Its roots extend through the cave. Phospate was once mined in this cave.

Old Ta Cave is located closer to Old Ta and is the most unusual cave in the group. The cave begins as an opening in the rock and has a room at just below ground level. The cave winds through a very low ceiling area and a hall extends off this room into another room with a high ceiling and limestone foundations. This room extends to a sudden drop hole in the floor which is home to many bats. Down this hole are more rooms and formations. Not currently open to the public.

Blackgarden Hole Actually the hole is east of Blackgarden along the sea rocks. This hole has an underground access to the sea and the sea surge into the hole is quite dramatic.

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